An industry experienced professional specializing in content creation, narrative design and game scripting.

Most recently worked on Wildstar at Carbine Studios where I designed and implemented over 200 quests, path missions, shiphand missions and challenges.

Game Designer

“In my time at Carbine Studios I watched Jeanna consistently pump out high quality content...Jeanna maintained a wonderful balance while designing her missions on Wildstar. She knows when to keep things simple, and when to push the limits of what is expected, a crucial skill when creating an MMO.

I would easily recommend Jeanna Cammarano for any design related content position and hope I’m lucky enough to work with her again in the future.”


- Jose Perez III (Senior Designer at Blizzard Entertainment)

“Jeanna is an exceptionally talented content designer. Industry experienced and technically proficient, she's a pillar of strength on any creative team. She possesses a fun, fresh sensibility of game design and takes initiative, often working long hours of her own accord to ensure the quality of her contributions to the game.

Jeanna is professional, amiable, and has created much of the successful content in our game. I would recommend her strongly to any with interest of hiring.”


- Megan Starks (Team Lead/ Senior Designer at Carbine Studios)


17 August 2011

Wildstar Announced at Gamescom 2011


27 August 2013

Wildstar wins Zam's Best in Show at Gamescom 2013

19 June 2013

Wildstar wins Ten Ton Hammer's Best Gameplay of E3 2013

04 September 2013

Wildstar wins MMORPG's Best of Show at PAX 2013

Game Designer